Are these items food safe?

They are not, and they are not intended to hold liquid.

Are your items glazed and kiln fired?

The base ceramic pieces are acquired as already kiln-fired bisque, but are then sculpted onto with modeling clay, painted with acrylic paint, and various mixed media elements are added. Any additional pottery glaze and kiln firing would destroy all of these added elements.

Because of this, my items are intended to be collectible fine art / decorative / display pieces and are not meant to be food safe or to hold liquid.

Care instructions:

Do not display in direct sunlight or in areas of high humidity (such as a bathroom).

Dust with a soft, dry cloth - do not use harsh solvents or cleaners on painted surfaces. Three-dimensional elements can also be dusted off with a clean, soft, dry paintbrush.

My signature pink hair is Framcolor Bold in the shade Orchid, a super bright purpley pink (it’s a pro brand, someone gets it for me). You can get it on eBay but I can’t vouch for the quality or legitimacy of eBay salon stuff though there have to be some reputable sellers out there, right?

I use less than 1 inch of color as squeezed from the tube, mixed with about 1 cup of white conditioner (I will use literally any conditioner I have on hand, usually due to laziness, but the nicer the conditioner the nicer to your hair obviously). It is not a lot of dye, but more dye than that leads from pastel to bubblegum to shocking pink territory real fast. This stuff is no joke. Sometimes I tone the pink-ness down with a tiny drop of Manic Panic in the shade Enchanted Forest, which is a deep green, because color theory.

I use a porosity equalizing treatment, then I use a tint brush to apply the mix to dry hair that has been lightened to level 9 or 10ish, which is super pale blonde (the lighter the better). I use the Ion line of lightening products from Sally Beauty. My natural color is mostly gray with a hint of mousy brown. I leave the color mixture on as a conditioning mask for about 30 minutes to an hour, then rinse, lightly shampoo, & use a restructuring conditioner.

I only wash my hair about 2x a week. It fades just slightly & completely evenly every time. I use a bunch of different leave-in conditioning and heat protecting treatments and such because I use a curling iron on my stick-straight hair a few times a week (I would do pin curls or foam rollers with no heat except I can never get them to turn out right).

Do all this at your own peril, but what is life without a little risk tho.
I also cut it myself, for like the last 20 years except for a handful of times.

GUYS I AM NOT A STYLIST so you do you, tho I do a lot of layperson research (if you count one million YouTube videos research).

Hair is fun.

how do you get your hair like that?