About the Artist

About the artist


hello, strangers…


Jaime Shively lives wtih her amazing extended family and works in a cozy basement studio that she shares with her dad’s Dad Cave.
She also has a phobia about being accidentally stabbed in the eye.
A 42 year-old nu goth soccer mom to an awesome 3rd grader and wife to a computer programmer. They both love video games. Her, not so much.
Jaime enjoys collecting things, organizing & labeling those things, reorganizing those things, and eventually making art out of those things.
She also enjoys putting on tons of makeup & wearing it to bed.

A senior year, Graphic Design major, art school dropout from Tyler School of Art in 1997, she worked retail for a whole lot of years, including owning her own boutique and also selling her little hand sewn felt goodies at craft fairs, before coming to the realization that she just really wanted to be an artist when she grew up.

Whenever that might be.

She began teaching herself watercolors in 2015 using YouTube tutorials and art books, and began painting in acrylics on ceramics in 2017.

Now it’s like her favorite thing to do, ever.


Jaime enjoys listening to eclectic Spotify mixes & witch house compliations while she paints, watching Bob’s Burgers and American Horror Story eps on repeat until memorized, and decorating her studio like a pastel goth Cracker Barrel.

She is one half of Lehigh Valley Darkness who produce Hello Darkness: Art & Oddities Bazaar in Bethlehem, PA.

You can find her work at local art fairs and galleries in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, which is her favorite area of the world, because it has a little of everytihng, and a WaWa around every corner.
Sometimes, sometimes, she will even travel to Philly or Lancaster or Trenton, NJ. Come say hello!


[She is also always in front of the computer, so check out those links down there!]