It’s a growing collection of meticulously painted-on, sculpted-on, and epoxied-on, pre-fired ceramic bisque objects, home décor, and wearables. It’s a mess of cozily uncomfortably juxtaposed images, colors, textures, feelings, and obsessions (gilded palace, pastel fungus, star shower, moray eel, bobbin lace, compound fracture, cabbage rose, frozen cadaver, swirling nebula, crunchy exoskeleton, and always, always, staring eyes).

Each piece attempts to create a visual narrative that is instantly evocative, but will cause delight in some and recoil in others. Either is perfectly acceptable.



Hand painted, mixed media, ceramic bisque and wood art objects, decor, and wearables, all featuring sculpted, realistic, staring eyeballs.

Vinyl stickers, brooches, pins, and the occasional collection of hand-carved wood jewelry.

Originals and prints of finished artwork and concept sketches.

The occasional one-off larger sculpture, painting, or concept piece.



Acrylic paint, air-dry modeling clay, and assorted bits (glass glitter, plastic toys, faux flowers, beauty supplies), on pre-fired ceramic bisque and wood.

Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and ink on cotton paper.